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Synergy Coaching and Boot Fitting

Bud Heishman - Owner of Snowind Sports - Reno, NV

Bud is a current PSIA Level III certified instructor and clinician, and a CSIA level III certified instructor with 30 years experience in the ski industry. He has specialized in boot fitting and alignment for 20 years and has balanced 1,000's of boots for skiers ranging from Olympic medalists, to everyday skiers.


Q: I am skeptical about having my boots modified. Will this void the warranty or compromise binding function?

A: No problem! We guarantee all our work. All boots we plane are returned to DIN specifications. We use varying lifter plate thicknesses, from 2 to 8mm, based on needs. We can vary thickness to adjust delta angle or accomandate leg length differences. The plates are screwed to the boot soles, then upper toe and heel lugs are returned to DIN specs by using a special router jig.

In reality, the boots are much more accurate to DIN specs when we are finished with modifications than when they come out of the box. This insures a solid link between your boots and bindings. Take a close look at new boot soles and you will see warping and uneven planes that will affect a solid binding interface and edging accuracy. These imperfections are eliminated through our planing and plating process. All our boots sit flat and true! We recommend the use of cat tracks to protect the flatness of your boot soles.

Q: I am new to skiing and looking to purchase my first set of equipment, can you help me make good choices?

A: You bet! Congratulations, you are about to begin your skiing career with a perfect set-up which will accellerate your learning curve and comfort! We suggest an in shop appointment followed by an on snow session to get your skiing on the fast track to success!

Q: I am planning to upgrade my equipment, should I book an appointment with you for an on snow session or book an evening shop appointment?

A: You could do it either way, but it is recommended to get the boot selection and fitting done the evening before the on snow session! This way we can use the on hill time to fine tune and test as well as offer some key exercises to improve your skiing with the new equipment.

Q: What is the difference between boot fitting and boot alignment?

A: Boot fit affects comfort and is the important step that ensures the boot chosen for you best matches the shape of your foot and lower leg and matches or exceeds your skiing abilities. Your boots, being the most important investment in your skiing enjoyment and success, should fit you like a tight glove. Our boot fitters will assess your foot and lower leg and choose the boots that best match your needs. I like to call it putting a round peg in a round hole. Once your footbed is properly interfaced with the boot liner, any necessary adjustments to improve comfort including grinding or stretching the shell material are made to maximize comfort and allow appropriate ankle articulation inside the boot.

Alignment affects performance and focuses on the angles created by your boots, bindings, and binding placement on your skis. There are 10 primary parameters that are considered and adjusted to match your specific needs. We assess your fore/aft, lateral, and rotational planes and address any of the 10 parameters as needed.


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