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Synergy Ski Coaching and Alignment

Whether you are an avid beginner or looking to lower your FIS racing points, Synergy ski coaching and alignment can help. Bud Heishman & Snowind Sports offer this unique personalized approach to optimizing skiing performance.

Bud is respected in the ski industry as one of the top 15 boot fitters in America and a top ski teacher in America (member of PSIA Tech Team since 1987) and has helped thousands of skiers better their performance through a comprehensive approach, which includes technique, equipment set-up, psychological and physical conditioning to optimize skiing performance. He can eliminate many of the hurdles and compensatory equipment issues that cause skiing plateaus and road blocks to progress.

Bud has helped elite skiers like, local, Shannon Bahrke, who later won a Silver medal at the Salt Lake Olympics, and numerous other racers make pronounced breakthroughs in their racing results. Bud's methodical approach will expedite a beginner’s progress to parallel, as Bud does not teach using the defensive braking movements used by most resort ski schools. Instead, he focuses on introducing the movements of expert skiing in their embryonic stages and carries these through, to quickly have his students skiing parallel while avoiding the pit falls and plateaus of traditional ski schools antiquated methods.

If you want to discover your full potential Synergy private coaching is the way to go!

For more information, rates, and appointments, contact Bud at Snowind Sports located in the Scolaris shopping center just off I-80 at Rob Drive at 775-323-9463 or 775-771-2737.

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