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Since 1994, we’ve been bringing friends, sports, and nature together by supplying all the gear one could need for an adventure in the Sierras.


“We came in to get ski boots fitted. Bud was so helpful and knowledgeable. We learned quite a bit about our feet in the process!”
Tina C.

“Helpful beyond expectations! Took the time to explain, made me feel confident we had the right sizes and our gear was fitted properly. Friendly, attentive, listened and answered my questions.”

Ginger H.

“What a foot saver!!!! I was lucky enough to have Bud re-fit my 6 yr. old boots(fitted by a prominent local fitter) that had started to be very painful over the last 2 years with the pain often lasting 3-4 days after skiing...On short notice he was able to spend a good 45 mins and basically do a "re-fit". Skied the next day pain free!!!!”

Ceige U.

“I concur Bud is friendly, obviously knowledgeable and someone you definitely trust to get your boots back on the right track....couldn't believe the difference!
You get my highest recommendation & compliments!”

Trent J 


“Bud Heishman is the #1 best boot fitter in Reno/Tahoe hands down. Ok I know what all the hard core race skiers are thinking. This guy or that guy's the best. Well let me tell you I've been to them all. Sure boot fitting is an art but Bud is ego less he would be the first one to praise all the other top mountain boot fitters.
My story: I was so fed up with the pain in my 130 race technical boots that I was done for the year (2016) I could not afford new ones since I'd already blown 800+ a year ago. Bud took over 2 hours with me fine tuning my (40 days in 2 years because of pain) boots into encapsulating slippers. I had the best day I've had in 10 years. My buddies couldn't believe the skier I was since for 10 seasons all I could say was my feet hurt, my feet hurt, my feet hurt, I need beer because my feet hurt see you in the bar.”

John T.


“Living in So. Reno, Snowind is an extra 5 or 10 min drive for me versus other shops but has always been worth going out of my way. Bud, the owner, and his staff have a thorough understanding of skiing and the products they offer, which are all "top-shelf"and at reasonable prices. I've skied professionally for 35 years and continue to do so full-time. My feet have never been easy to fit and the results i get from Snowind make it possible for me to continue doing what i love. Thanks Snowind!”

Lynnette B 

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17025 Mt Rose Hwy, Reno, NV 89511

(775) 323-9463


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09:00 am – 06:00 pm



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